The Cardinal's Guards

It is amusing to note that history has a different take on this unit than did Alexandre Dumas.

Historically: Shortly after their creation, a second company of Musketeers was created for Cardinal Richelieu. At the cardinal’s death in 1642, the company passed to his successor Cardinal Mazarin who disbanded his Musketeers in 1646. The Musketeers reappeared in 1657 with a company of 150 men. At Mazarin’s death in 1661, the cardinal’s Musketeers passed to Louis XIV

The Royal Musketeers were known as “The King’s Guard”. They would guard the King when outside of his appartments (Palais Royal). When a unit of Musketeers was creasted for Cardinal Richelieu they became known as “The Cardinal’s Guard”. They were still Musketeers but answering to the Cardinal rather than the King.

Our Cardinal’s Guards are more like the Dumas guards, however they are the true police force in Paris. Led by the efficient yet curt Capitain Rochefort they inforce the laws in Paris. Unlike the Royal Musketeers who are more buffoon than soldier, the Cardinal’s Guards are an efficient and well disciplined military force.

Using his guards as the Police force in Paris, Cardinal Richelieu created a smaller unit and called them the Cardinal’s Men. These men are entrusted with the duty of being his personal bodyguards. They later renamed themselves The Black Guards after what the masses had adopted as their nickname.

The Cardinal's Guards

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